Two-Story Foyer Conversion

Converting a vaulted foyer is a major job.  Hire the experienced and licensed professionals at JW Fine Remodeling for your two-story foyer conversion.  We offer turnkey, packaged services to convert wasted, vault ceiling space into the flowing and compatible living area you need. 


During the fee-based, pre-construction phase (project development); we draft viable options based upon your goals and vision.  We also review everything involved from windows and doors, and foundation piers to supporting beams and point loads, the roof and ceiling system. Preparing for construction, we provide all architectural design and programming, the structural engineer sealed drawings and costs-estimate.

During the construction phase; we provide all labor, materials and equipment and all building permits as required by NC state law.  Daily cleaning and organization of work areas. Get the much-needed living area or family room, bedroom or suite, a dedicated work space or home office, an upstairs laundry space, baby nursery or a media room.  


Increase your living space and home value with an expertly designed and constructed two-story foyer conversion in Raleigh by JW Fine Remodeling. 

In business since 2004, JW Fine Remodeling is a Whole House Remodeling contractor in Raleigh North Carolina.

Compatibility is vital; it’s more important than price.  A Good Fit will guarantee a stress-free, successful experience.

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