Our Process and Fees for a Cost-Estimate, Architectural Design and Project Development

We start the process with a phone consultation before meeting with you at your home.  We listen and learn about your project and your budget for the work.  During the onsite consultation we are listening closely to  your goals and ideas.  We then review the work space.  During the design phase; we develop and present a design program and decorating package for your approval.

Free Consultation

No charge for the 1-hour onsite meeting. Design is not included.

Free Quote

Ballpark Estimate within 15 bus. days, or at the first meeting if possible.

Firm Quote Fee

$600 to $800 based upon job type/size/description. Up-to $25,000 Job Value.

Design Phase Fee

*Free when we’re the Prime Contractor for the entire project. $2500 Min. Value

Our Process --- Fees for Cost-Estimate and Fees for Architectural Design


Phone Consultation must be completed to schedule the onsite consultation.  We'll talk about your job and your budget.


Free Consultation: No charge for the first onsite 1-hour meeting. $125-dollors Hourly Thereafter. 


Free Ballpark Estimate at the first onsite meeting, (or) within 15-business days Monday to Friday.


Firm Cost-Estimate Fee: $600 to $800 (Max. $25K Job Value) for (1) Scope-of-Work - based upon job type/size/description.

  • *Free.  The Fee is 100% credited when we’re the Prime Contractor. for the complete project.

  • Fee is applicable for (1): Home Addition or Major Remodel

  • We provide for the fee: (1)-Estimate (1-Page) and (1) 8.5 x 14 Cad *Concept Drawing* (1-Page)

  • We provide for the fee: (1) Limited Use Drawing License

  • *Concept Drawing is not legal to scale for construction use.


Architectural Working Drawing Fees: *Free. 

  • *Free.  The Fee is 100% credited when we’re the Prime Contractor for the complete project.

  • $3000 to $5000 Minimum Fee per each project scope-of-work.


Bid Your Architect Plans.  Please Read Completely: For an hourly estimated rate paid in-advance; we will “bid” * your plan sets when you have a “Architectural Plan Use License” issued "in your name" from the licensed Architect or Building Designer.  The plan-sets must be complete *Working Drawings with Specifications, I.E., Permit-Attainable Documents in paper print to scale.  We Do Not bid PDF or Internet Copy Plans, nor Preliminary/Not For Construction/Not For Permit Plans.


Your Architect Collaboration:  We are consultants in a Design-Assist Capacity with your Architect – We charge a retainer fee most often or, an hourly fee for a minimum number of allocated hours over a set period of weeks.

ABOUT JW FINE REMODELING: JW Fine Remodeling is a team of licensed professional builders and remodelers based in Raleigh North Carolina for residential contracting services.  Honest and trustworthy and fully committed to helping customers build and renovate structures and additions, add additional living space, build garage parking, convert attics and finish basements, update and modernize kitchens and bathrooms, restore interiors and renovate exteriors.

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