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Addition & Remodeling PACKAGEs in RALEIGH NC

Package cost examples are listed on this page.  For an exact quote at your home, please schedule an estimate.


Schedule a cost estimate for a custom home addition remodeling package specific to your home.


Cost-Estimating Facts: Additions & Remodels

The package prices listed on this page are an example only.  Your addition or remodel price will vary.


  • Project development is a fee-based service.  

  • Room addition cost-estimating is based upon customer input and requirements, the existing conditions at the dwelling location and other wide-ranging data. 

  • During the pre-construction phase, we collect all of the information needed to estimate the actual cost of the home addition or room addition remodeling project.  During this phase, we work with you to develop the entire project.

Onsite Visit, Job-Costing and Project Development:

  • Providing you or your financial lender with an exact cost for a home addition or home remodeling project without an actual onsite and in-home consultation is impossible. 

  • We must visit your home to learn more about your project.  

  • We must develop (program) the project to match your goals, needs and requirements.

  • We must view the existing conditions including accessibility and auto parking, and other factors in order to provide you with accurate home addition costing and renovation pricing.  

  • Many factors must be identified and noted.

  • Many questions must be asked to properly organize all of the proposed work.

  • Customer input will define the entire project. cost.

Packages/Cost Examples: Additions & Remodeling Projects

Pricing listed herein is the sale price for past completed jobs.  Each job description listed is customer specific with allowances and options - the pricing for similar work at your home may vary.  We’re happy to discuss the price details in-person.

  • Whole-house Updates: All Interior Rooms from $59940

  • Kitchen Remodeling from $27994

  • Kitchen Relocation from $39940

  • Master Bathroom Remodeling from $19000

  • Guest Bathroom Remodeling from $7000

  • Addition: Attic Roof Dormer from $8000

  • Addition: Bed and Bath Suite from $74994

  • Addition: Full Bathrooms from $39,994

  • Addition: Detached Garage from $25994


*Pricing starts at $2,500  minimum for services- Job costs will differ due to job description, type and  size, the product selections made by the clients, the required labor and the specific materials needed for the remodeling project at the address and location. HOA and/or Historic District requirements guidelines will influence the final cost of the project.


In business since 2004, JW Fine Remodeling is a Whole House Remodeling contractor in Raleigh North Carolina.

Compatibility is vital; it’s more important than price.  A Good Fit will guarantee a stress-free, successful experience.

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