Additions & room extensions

Additions That Expand Homes

We help customers envision how to enlarge their home to meet their needs today and tomorrow.  We then expand the home with seamlessly-attached, additional space.

  • We are designers, builders and remodelers – we develop, design, program, cost-estimate and build residential additions, room extensions, kitchen-bath bump outs, garages, second story floors and roof attic dormer additions.

  • We believe in master-planned, viable solutions - We deliver solutions through best in class leading practices, long-term experience and industry-leading processes.

  • We add space vertically and horizontally; both attached home additions and detached home additions.

  • We increase interior space by removing interior walls and expanding interior rooms.

  • We develop and program all types of residential dwelling home additions, room extensions, room bump-outs and roof attic dormers, second-floor additions and garage additions.

JW Fine Remodeling offers turnkey addition design/build services for attached, detached and roof additions. 


We expertly design and build additions that increase living area and usable space and home resell value; are seamless in appearance and appear as a natural part of the home. 

We believe the addition must amalgamate with the existing dwelling while providing excellent flow and function as intended. We further believe:

  • The new foundation and floors, walls and roof surfaces should be the same plane and height.

  • The foundation, exterior walls and roof finishes should match the existing home as close as possible with currently available materials. 

  • Hardwood flooring's should tooth-in perfectly with the existing strip flooring's.

 Land Survey Documents for Home Additions in Raleigh NC, Room Addition Zoning Requirements

The following list of Pre-Construction and Post-Construction Land Survey Maps, Computations and Documents are necessary before, during and after the construction process at JW Fine Remodeling.  The type of survey needed for each construction project is dependent upon many factors specific to the project location and zoning requirements, the type and size of the proposed addition and the addition placement/location on the property.


  • Boundary (or) Mortgage Survey w) Total Existing Impervious Surface, Impenetrable Materials

  • Construction Survey, Foundation Location/Pin Corner Survey

  • Site Plan *Document must be prepared and sealed by the Surveyor/Engineer*

  • Tree Location Survey (When Applicable and/or Required by City/County Planning or Inspections) 


  • Foundation Survey/As Built Survey

Design/Build Home Additions Services in Raleigh NC

Design/Build Home Additions is a construction project delivery system developed by JW Fine Remodeling in 2004. Additions are multifaceted and involve multiple disciplines such as an Architect, Engineer and Builder.

JW Fine Remodeling, Design/Build is one-stop-shopping.  All required disciplines are under one roof.

JW Fine Remodeling has a proven Design/Build business model and premium process for Addition design and construction.  Since 2004, JW Fine Remodeling has retained Civil Engineers for engineered design. 

Design/Build Addition by JW Fine Remodeling will require:

  • Land Survey Documents/Maps, Modified Site Plan

  • Preliminary Budget and Terms Approval

  • Project Development Agreement (Design Agreement)

  • Project development, Decorating decisions, Material selections, Finishes and Paint color selections.

  • Home Systems Analysis: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

  • Architectural Design, Preliminary Concepts, Permit-attainable Working Drawings

  • Civil Engineering: Structural and Geotechnical Data, Analysis and Design

  • Detailed scope-of-work specifications

  • Bids from Vendors and Trade Contractors

  • Building Permits

  • Final Construction Budget

Garage Expansions, Kitchen-Bath Bump-outs, Room Extensions and Bay Window Additions in Raleigh NC

JW Fine Remodeling offers custom home additions for room extensions and bump-outs, garage expansions and bay window additions.


A bump out or room extension is a smaller sized home addition.  Existing structural conditions will dictate the floor, walls, roof and foundation type design and requirements.  Kitchen-Bath bump outs dramatically improve the size, functionality and usefulness of the rooms, spaces and areas.

Garages expansions are the widest room extensions averaging sixteen-feet. Kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms are the most expanded rooms with room extensions averaging approximately six-feet in depth.  Walk-in bay window additions are the most requested for family rooms and great rooms, dining nooks and living rooms.

Roof Attic Additions, Shed Roof Dormers in Raleigh NC

JW Fine Remodeling offers custom roof attic additions and dormers. Create new space or expand the living space at your home with a custom roof attic additionShed dormers and gable dormers open up cramped attic spaces and provide the headroom, windows and natural light for extra bedrooms and bathrooms, a family room or child’s playroom, a home office or a studio.

 For arched, shed, eyebrow or gable dormers; contact JW Fine Remodeling to design dormers for attic remodeling or attic finishing, or to accentuate your roof line and convert your attic into the functional living space or conditioned storage space you need.

Architectural Design Costs for Home Additions in Raleigh NC

Improving home functionality, comfort and value since 2004; JW Fine Remodeling can help you maximize your homes potential whether adding vertical or horizontal space or expanding within the footprint of your home. Contact JW Fine Remodeling today for architectural design by licensed architects and residential designers.

Home Addition design fees are FREE when we are prime contractor on your project.  Building Permit Attainable Construction Drawings start at $4000 for project development and working drawings.

Refining our tested and proven process and design/build project delivery system since 2004; we have architects and designers and highly-experienced project managers that will take your goals and ideas to fruition.

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