Family Room Remodeling

Family Room Designers, Renovators and Remodeling Contractors in Raleigh, Wake County and Johnston County North Carolina.

Please consider JW Fine Remodeling when it’s time to renew or remake you family room and living room area.  We are ready to help with professional design assistance to develop and program your ideas and your inspirations.

We focus on modernizing and updating family rooms and living areas from basic improvements to major room alterations; wallpaper removal and room painting to floor refinishing and new moldings or a new step celling with molding treatments and recessed lighting. 


We will help you with simple makeovers and light renovations up-to major remodeling and structural modifications.


We are specialist at major remodeling - our custom services include:


  • Floor Plan Reconfiguration

  • Room Conversions

  • Room Expansion and Opening Up

  • Wall Installations

  • Wall Removal

  • Wet Bar Removal

  • Converting Sunken Living Rooms with Framed Over Floors and New Flooring

  • Converting Two-story Vaulted Ceilings into New, Finished Rooms or Living Space above.

  • Door Slab Replacement Interior :  New interior doors into existing door jambs

  • Door Slab Replacement Exterior :  New doors into existing door jambs

  • Door Replacement Exterior: Complete full frame door unit replacement

  • Doors, New Locations:  Interior and Exterior Entry, French, Sliding, Accordion Doors

  • Door Enlargements: Exterior Doors and Interior Doors

  • Floor Heating: Warmly Yours products are the trouble-free electric underfloor heating systems for all types of flooring surfaces including tile, stone, carpets and hardwood strip flooring installed in Family Rooms.

  • Window Enlargements

  • Windows New Locations: Installation into new locations


We perform all of the work; design and planning and cost estimating.  We build all cabinetry and built-ins and perform all of the carpentry, painting and tilework in-house.


We have the best licensed trade professionals in the Raleigh area.

Family Room Remodeling Services in Raleigh NC

See additional remodeling services listed on this page.  Please contact us for additional services not listed.

  • Cabinets: Design layout and Install new cabinetry (or) Remove and replace old, existing cabinets.

  • Cabinet Refinishing: We refinish, stain and paint (repairable) room cabinets.

  • Cubbies: Adjustable cabinet cubbies, shelves and compartment organizers.

  • Closets: Custom-designed and built to suit.

  • Clothing Hang-up Rods and Shelves:  Single rods or double clothing rods, shelving and cloths drying.

  • Countertops: Remove old counters and install new, stone, laminate or solid surface tops.

  • Doors: Widen doors and doorways, Replace existing doors or, Install new doors in new locations.

  • Floors: Refinish, sand, coat existing wood flooring or, install new flooring products.

  • Fixtures: We remove and replace plumbing fixtures, and electrical lighting fixtures.

  • Ironing Board: Install new wall cabinet, fold-out ironing board stations.

  • Sinks: Remove, replace bar sinks

  • Ceiling: Drywall Repairs, Painting and Texture Removal and Ceiling Moldings installation.

  • Walls: Remove or Relocate structural walls, Wall Paper Removal and sheetrock repair, Drywall Repairs and Wall Painting and Moldings installation.

  • Windows:  Replace existing windows or, Install new Windows in new locations.

  • Tilework:  Install new porcelain wall tiles or porcelain floor tiling.

Family, Living Room Renovations - Updates in Raleigh NC

We offer pull and replace family room renovations and living room renovating.  We offer ADA updates.

We update electrical and plumbing, mechanical and ventilation to meet current building codes as required. 

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