custom bathrooms

Clean Bathroom

Create and achieve your dream bathroom with JW Fine Remodeling.  Starting with the pre-construction design phase, and throughout the remodeling process; we keep every commitment we make, we provide clear communication and accountability, and total transparency throughout the entire process.  Our goal is to provide a smooth, high-quality process, and be as least impactful as possible while working inside each home.  Contact JW Fine Remodeling to create a fully customized bathroom.

  • Bathroom Floor Plan Modification

  • Redesign, Reconfigure Bathroom

  • Plumbing Fixture Relocation

  • Enlarge Shower Stall

  • Expand Bathroom into an Adjacent Room

  • Extend Bathroom with Extension Addition

  • Add Bathroom Window(s), Door(s), Skylight(s)

  • Add Bidet Fixture – Add Bidet Seat

  • Remove Bathtub, Convert to Tile Shower

  • Remove Shower, Convert to Soaking Tub

  • Expand Shower - Reconfigure Shower Stall

  • Bathroom Partition Removal, Relocation

  • Relocate Toilet, Vanity and Sinks

  • Tiled Walls and Floor Tiles

  • Whirlpool Tub and Spa Alcoves

  • Wall-Mounted Vanity

Custom Repair Work

  • *Structural Defects: Correct Sagging Floor Joist

  • *Structural Defects: Corrective Beams, Girders

  • *Structural Defects: Corrective Foundation Piers

  • *Structural Defects: Corrective Plywood Floor

*Repair work is Not a stand-alone service – it is a combined service performed during a complete bathroom remodel.

Contact JW Fine Remodeling for whole bathroom updates, faucets & tile floors, plus porcelain tiled showers. All work is completed in an organized and safe and clean manner.