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Aging in Place Home Altering Modifications for Senior Homeowners in Raleigh, Wake, Clayton N.C.

Schedule an appointment to share with us your unique needs and learn about our compassionate home modifying alterations.


We plan, design, and perform safe and comfortable alterations and modifications to transform any house. Interior and exterior; we update the entire home with user-friendly tech and smart home systems, new lighting and plumbing fixtures, new entry ramps and sidewalks, floor plan reconfiguration, wall removal, door widening, floor coverings, kitchen and bath floor plan redesign, bathroom lighting and heating, shower, and bathtub replacement, walk-in tub installation, hallway widening, door lever lock-set installation.


Every house is unique; every senior homeowner is different. We listen to you and we custom-tailor each home to live better.

In business since 2004, JW Fine Remodeling is a Whole House Remodeling contractor in Raleigh North Carolina.

Compatibility is vital; it’s more important than price.  A Good Fit will guarantee a stress-free, successful experience.

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