About Us

In business since 2004, JW Fine Remodeling is a Whole House Remodeling contractor in Raleigh North Carolina licensed by the North Carolina licensing board of general contractors to bid and perform building and remodeling. Honest and trustworthy and fully committed to helping customers with Additions & Renovations; we add additional living space, build garage parking, convert attics and finish basements, update kitchens and modernize bathrooms, restore interiors and renovate home exteriors.

HOW WE WORK: JW Fine Remodeling is a Turn-Key construction provider.  We perform the entire scope-of-work with our in-house workers and licensed Trade Professionals, provide the building permits, all materials and labor, and all equipment on every job. We routinely provide the architectural design and working drawings - we retain licensed Architects and Interior Designers. We retain professional engineers for construction projects that require a structural evaluation and structural engineered design. 

GETTING STARTED: We are hired as the general contractor for the entire project - We then work with the homeowner to develop (and) program the construction work description - At the end of planning; we develop the sale price for the entire construction project.


*We invest considerable admin time, therefore we charge an hourly cost-estimating fee for a verbal, or written Price Quote*

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